The University of Comilla (UNIC) is one of the leading, familiar and note-worthy private universities in Bangladesh which was established on 4th December, 1995.The University of Comilla (UNIC), authority upload student data of student verification panel. Every student search their academic result student verification option. It is a non-profitable institution having strict academic discipline. This university was founded by Professor Dr. M.A Jabbar, Former Chairman of the Department of Pharmacy & Professor Emeritus, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is recognized that The University of Comilla is such a private university, which was founded by a person who was a renowned Founder of Bangladesh Pharmacy Council. He established this university with high hopes and aspirations to disseminate knowledge and thus to extend the horizon of knowledge. That is why, the motto of UNIC is the universal adage, “Committed to Excellence in Education”. UNIC generates this power of Knowledge in an individual through teaching-learning, training, research and guidance by using modern, pragmatic and well-designed curriculum and syllabus. The Board of Directors of The University of Comilla has affirmed a statement of goals and objectives to guide the university’s development. The specific goals and objectives of the university are as follows:
To serve the intellectual needs and professional aspirations of its students and to contribute to the intellectual and professional development of the society. To create for students the environment and programs that help to satisfy current needs and anticipate future ones. To establish different educational programs in global standard in line with the universities of the USA & the UK with their support and recognition which will facilitate our students to get access into international job market in these fields directly; as a result, our country will be able to earn valuable foreign currency. To provide Global Standard Education (GSE) in Bangladesh.
Our Research and Monitoring Team “RMT” will be in search of new trends in education in developed countries and identify that and evaluate their adaptability in Bangladesh to keep constantly updating the standard of education to match with the “GSE”;
To develop the degrees of the university up to GSE level through the membership/accreditation of internationally recognized accreditation bodies like ACBSP, AACSB and to establish our degrees equivalent to the degrees of any good university in the USA through World Education Services (WES) the degree equivalence authority to recognize degrees of countries outside the USA. To establish joint degree programs & credit transfer programs with some U.S. universities such as Claflin University, New York University (NYU) & The University of Comilla, USA to facilitate quality education and make foreign degrees available to students in their native country.
To provide high quality education for development of human resource having the competence to compete in the contemporary world market. To conduct and support research for the advancement of knowledge as well as the socio-economic development of the country through the application of technology-oriented knowledge. To Contribute to moral and ethical development of the common people for the creation of a better society, free from corruption, and co-existing in peace, harmony and good environment in the society. To create a congenial academic environment for the youth for their intellectual advancement, free from political and other disturbances. To ensure dissemination of knowledge under the coverage of ethical, human and rational approach reflecting national heritage, values and principles of Bangladesh with a view to producing graduates who will be sound professionally and upright morally. To create an opportunity to serve education for all groups of people in the country, including common people of rural and urban areas, fresh students as well as jobholders through on campus, online and distance learning education. To develop and train students to meet the gradually increasing demand for efficient graduates and professionals in Bangladesh as well as in the international job market, including the USA & Canada through special study programs in specific fields. The University of Comilla – Govt & UGC Approved. The mission of The University of Comilla is to provide and facilitate global standard of education to its students of all walks of life irrespective of gender, religion, cast, creed, color, age, time and place, with a view to preparing them for leadership and service in multicultural, global and technological societies by helping the students in succeeding academically and in the transition from university life to productive life.
The University of Comilla is based on the following Principles:
Education should be open to all and irrespective of gender, religion, cast, color, age, time and place. Education should be of international standard and must have universal recognition. Opportunity to learn should be open to anyone with the desire to achieve. Education should be of international standard and must have universal recognition. Education is a lifelong process and must be relevant to the student’s aspirations. Study and students should be the first priority. The primary function of faculty/ staff/ administration should be to help the students in succeeding academically and in the transition from university life to productive life as members of society. To provide a quality education to students, free from parochialism and make them cosmopolitan and global in the true sense. The University of Comilla is moving forward with a vision of Excellence – “Moving Educational Excellence from Good to Great”. Form good to better to excellent and from excellent to great. With a long range Strategic Planning the University continues the transformative process of being, one of the premier universities of higher education in this region. The current plan articulates new directions for the university.
This strategic plan outlines an enhanced vision of excellence in the following areas of the university:

Updated and global standard academic programs and student entire id/roll student verification part and submit. Rich faculty members to prepare students for future leadership and services in multicultural, global and technological societies. Continuation of creating possible better facilities for students. Greater emphasis on student success beyond the wall of The University of Comilla. Expected scholarly contribution in the area of instruction, research, creative expression and service. Continuous development and expansion in all areas and effort to develop partnership at all important level. the factors involved in new directions. Identifying problems in different areas and keep on repairing them Continuous review of. The University of Comilla is digital university our student submit certificate for job any job authority and they verify from student verification menu or our university email. To know more information https//

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