Controller of Examinations

The University of Comilla (UNIC) is one of the leading, familiar and note-worthy private universities in Bangladesh which was established on 4th December, 1995. It is a non-profitable institution having strict academic discipline. This university was founded by Professor Dr. M.A Jabbar, Former Chairman of the Department of Pharmacy & Professor Emeritus, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is recognized that The University of Comilla is such a private university, which was founded by a person who was a renowned Founder of Bangladesh Pharmacy Council. He established this university with high hopes and aspirations to disseminate knowledge and thus to extend the horizon of knowledge. That is why, the motto of UNIC is the universal adage, “Committed to Excellence in Education”. UNIC generates this power of Knowledge in an individual through teaching-learning, training, research and guidance by using modern, pragmatic and well-designed curriculum and syllabus.